Loosing eBook Sales?

How many times have you been at an event and heard the standard lines,

Reader: “Is it available as an eBook?”

You: “Yes it is on Amazon.com”

Reader: “Great, I will order it there”

Your gut tells you that you just lost a sale as the chances are pretty good they will not go home and order it. It could simply be that they forgot the book title, or most likely, they just didn’t want to.

For the past two years we have had a program that helps you to avoid losing an eBook sale. Our Download cards are a simple way to secure the sale right on the spot, no matter where you are. Next time you hear someone ask if it is available as an eBook and they will order it online, simply pull out a Download card and sell the eBook to them right on the spot for any amount you want. If they really want to buy the book, they will.

The Download cards are a great way for you to use your eBook as a marketing tool as well. The Download cards are good for Amazon Kindle (Mobi) or for ePub versions of your book. They are inexpensive at $1.00 each and you can order as little as a dozen to as many as you want. Add a sticker of your latest book on the back to help the reader remember which book they bought.

The beauty of the card is this: Even if they don’t download the book, you made MONEY!

Don’t lose another book sale!

Contact Alan at TxAuthors@live.com for all the information on how the program works, or purchase a set of cards now to begin the process of setting up your book(s) into the system.




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