My name is Marc Liebman and I’m a writer… Some people use the word author. Either works for me and as of the moment, five of my novels – Cherubs 2, Big Mother 40, Render Harmless, Forgotten, and Inner Look have been published, a sixth – Moscow Airlift - will be out in March 2018 and a seventh later this year.

I am also am a public speaker and am often asked how do I write a novel? Mechanics aside, i.e. sitting down at the keyboard and start pecking away, I thought I would let you, the reader share in the experience of writing a novel. By reading this blog, you’ll learn how I develop characters, how the plot evolves, what conflicts and issues they face and even share in the emotions of writing a book. It’s more about the how the novel is written and the thinking that goes into it. Then, assuming it get published, you’ll get to see how it is all put together and have a lot of insight into the thinking that went into the book.

Through the blog, it will be like you are standing in a gallery watching how I work my way through the first draft of the manuscript and maybe through the first major edit. Ultimately, it will go through several drafts before it winds up in a publisher’s hands.

So, here’s the how this book and this blog came about. In September 2016, my fourth book – Forgotten – was released. It is also the fourth in the Josh Haman series about a Navy helicopter pilot. The book is about six American officers left behind at the end of the Vietnam War and what happens to them during their captivity and when they come after they rescued in 1982. To show the other side of the story, it has one of the most interesting characters I created, a woman by the name of Janet Pulaski who happens to be one of the wives of the POWs left behind. She’s also an ardent anti-war activist and a member of the Students for Democratic Society. After her husband is shot down and captured, SDS sends her to Cuba to learn how to become an assassin. You’ll have to read Forgotten to learn more. Forgotten has won three national awards so other people besides me, think it is great story.

Anyway, fast forward to December, 2017 and I’m being interview by Alan Bourgeois on the radio and we start talking about Janet. Toward the end, he asks is she going to return in another book? It struck a nerve because for the next two weeks, it was all I could think about. My mind raced with plot ideas and potential characters, and ways to challenge them in which Janet is the main character. The working title called The Assassin.

At the moment, I don’t have a publisher or an agent willing to represent the work and frankly, at the moment, I don’t care. That will come later. I just want to write the book. Emotionally, intellectually, physically, it is exciting. Writing is what drives me. I find joy sitting at the keyboard creating and through this blog, you’ll get to share the ups and downs of writing a novel.

The entries will come regularly, at a minimum of once a week. I’m guessing that there will be several and they won’t be very polished. They’ll be as raw as the manuscript is at the moment.

You can find more about me at and read my weekly blog that appears in Goodreads and Amazon as well as my website.

Enjoy the blog.

Marc Liebman

January 2018



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