In 1983, at the end of the novel Forgotten, Janet Pulaski proposes to her lover Karin and they go off into the sunset to live happily ever after. So, if Janet is to resume her career as an assassin, what happens to Karin? As I thought about it, there were several options. All are interesting choices and I had to pick one. So without telling you what I chose, here’s some of the thinking about the four choices I evaluated.

• Accomplice – in Forgotten, Janet always worked alone. And, in fact, while still in school, she murders an accomplice to minimize the risk of someone rolling over on her. So, does she want a sidekick now with whom she is emotionally involved?

• Separate – they were in love and something would have to happen to have them decide to end the relationship. Karin knows about Janet’s life as an assassin and one of the conditions of them living together was Janet had to retire. This could be a plot element because Karin as a scorned lover, could come back and complicate Janet’s life by turning her in to the FBI or some other law enforcement or intelligence agency and Janet would have to choose between killing the woman she loved or risk being arrested or killed.

• Failed hit on Janet – One of the ways I thought I would start the book is to have Karin killed by an assassin and Janet starts out on a path of revenge. It’s an easy way to restart Janet’s career.

• Accident or natural causes – one way to deal with Karin is for her to die of natural causes or an accident. Karin and what she knows about Janet’s career as an assassin and the reader might have some sympathy for Janet as someone who lost a loved one.



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