When I started writing, I knew I had one interesting character – Janet Pulaski – the retired assassin. I knew I needed more major characters to make the plot work. What is evolving as I write the book is that it is a tale about three hunts.

One hunt is for a Abd al Bari Ghulem, a member of Hezbollah and its terrorist spin-off Islamic Jihad. His mission is to orchestrate terrorist attacks in Europe and ultimately the United States to kill infidels and Jews. He is totally dedicated to his mission and ruthless, even when it comes to his own men.

Hunt two is the Israeli search for the assassin they contracted through a third party to kill Nazis wanted for war crimes and for a variety of reasons, weren’t brought to justice. Leading the search is Aliyah Skylar from the Mossad and she inherits this search because she’s proposed using Janet (and other freelancers) as the weapon to kill Ghulem.

Hunt three is the FBI’s search for Janet. The FBI wants to bring her to justice for the hits she conducted on U.S. soil. Here’s the problem, the CIA also used her and wants to use her again either as a trainer or as an asset.

Now, all I have to do is refine the plot threads, build the characters and figure out what is going to happen in the end.


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