O.K., so I want to turn Janet Pulaski, the assassin, into a novel. The question is where to begin. So, these are just ten of the questions I needed to answer:

1. When does the novel take place? 2002

2. She’s wealthy beyond belief, so why would Janet come back into the assassin game? Working on it. Janet needs a cause and I’m in the process of crreting one.

3. For whom does she work? Good question. She’s retired and enjoying life and making love to her girlfriend. However, the Cubans want to blackmail her into working for her again. The Israelis and the CIA may want to take advantage of your skills.

4. Who’s the antagonist? There’s actually going to be three. One is a terrorist from Islamic Jihad. He’s the poster boy. Then there is a do-gooder FBI agent who wants to get her arrested. And, so far, 15K words into the manuscript, he hasn’t raised his ugly head. He/she is out there, I just haven’t created him or her.

5. Who are her “friends?” She’s going to make some new ones, some are being brought back from Forgotten. Let’s say the characters are evolving. Some are already “born” and others are in the “womb” and others aren’t even a gleam in my eye.

6. Where does the book take place? Mostly in the U.S., but there are passages in Brazil, Israel, Germany, France and Italy.

7. Does she have a love interest? Yes. Am working on it.

8. What about her former husband, the PoW? Not in the book. He’s remarried and started a new life. Could I bring him back, yes? But why?

9. What are her fears about coming back? Technology. Capabilities it brings to surveillance and searching for bogus identities. The rest is just tradecraft.

10. Is she still going to be a lesbian? Yes. That’s not going to change. The line I like most is what one reviewer wrote and that Janet Pulaski was a “badass, nymphomaniac lesbian assassin.” Love it and that's not going to change.



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