I was struggling in trying to find a way to get either the CIA or the FBI or both hot on the trail of Janet. They were stuck (and as the writer, so was I) because they had compiled a lot of data on hits which they thought Janet carried out, but didn’t have a description much less a name.

There had to be a solution other than leave them hanging while the story rolled on. I rejected that idea because it makes it difficult to create conflict between the FBI and the CIA over Janet. The FBI wants to get the glory of arresting her and solving unsolved murders, assuming they can get a conviction. The CIA wants to blackmail her into working for the CIA or becoming a contractor.

Already, in the book, there’s the inherent conflict due to interagency politics. Even today, despite statements of how they work well together, they don’t. Like any bureaucracy, they’re extremely protective of their turf and it all comes down to their share of the Federal budge.

So, what did I do? Enter in a Cuban refugee who brings with him pages from several files from Cuban intelligence as his bonifides to get him asylum. The idea works and I can’t t tell how it comes out, because I am still writing it!



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