Every so often, as I write, roadblocks appear. By that I mean, I get to a point in the story where I’m stuck, literally.

Think of writing a novel as weaving several plot lines together into a single piece of rope. Each character and each scene is another thread woven into a plot line. The problem I run into is that sometimes, I don’t have the thread and therefore, the story can’t go forward.

Yesterday, I just stumbled into one of those places and didn’t like what my brain and fingers were putting on the screen in front of me. So I stopped, took a day or so off to get my mind off the book.

It didn’t help because my subconscious kept coming back to the story, rehashing what I wrote and then deleted. Then, my brain scripted out several other ideas. The conscious part of my writer’s brain fought with the unconscious. What one liked, the other didn’t.

So where am I now? Not quite dead in the water, but I’ve certainly slowed from thirty knots plus as the words flowed from my brain to my fingers to the keyboard and into ones and zeros in an electronic file.

All this started two days ago and now, amazingly enough – trust me, I don’t have a clue how this works, but a plot element appeared that I liked. Now, the hard part is working it out so it fits.

In an earlier blog, I mentioned a created a traitor. Well, that thread gives the main character/heroine/protagonist Janet a break while the Mossad figures out what to do. Meanwhile, the bad guys continue to create mayhem so Janet gets an assignment from an unlikely source that lets her operate solo, just like she did before she retired. It took awhile, but the idea works.



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