When I first started writing The Assassin, I was sure that it would ultimately become the title of the book. It was short, catchy and told potential readers what the book was about. Yes, I know there are several other books out that have the same title. Copyright issues aside, I liked the title and hence those two words became the preliminary or working title.

But, like anything else in the writing biz, it is subject to editing. That’s why I often use the adjectives preliminary or working to describe the title. And now, with the book’s first draft all but finished, I began thinking about the title at odd moments. My brain focused on three options.

The Assassin. This is what I started with and believe it is a good title but it has its challenges and competitors, not the least of which is Clive Cussler’s book called The Assassin. The Retired Assassin. This is really what the book is about. Janet Pulaski has changed her name to Janis Goodrich and is now wealthy, but comes out of retirement. Researching it on Amazon, there’s no book out there with this title. There are lots of books with the word ‘assassin’ in them, but none with just the words ‘the retired assassin.’ Hmmm, not bad and not used.

The Red Star of Death. This is the translation of the moniker la estrella de la muerte (the red star of death) Janet earned during the book Forgotten. For the past twenty years, nobody knew who or where Janet was which is the way she wanted it. It is an interesting title and again, not used.

Do I think the title should change? Not sure. So, what do you think?

Please let me know by going to this link on my web site http://marcliebman.com/author/contact/ and dropping me an email. I’d love to get your input. Thanx.



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