Texas Authors, Inc., is a non-profit, and while we work within certain restraints due to this, many people, including many of our members, compare us to a for-profit company. To that extent, they use two common thoughts. The first is that most start-up businesses do not make it past their second year. The second is that once you hit the fifth year, you will continue to grow and succeed. Well, it’s with great pleasure to announce that we are now entering into our sixth year and we are stronger than ever!

With each passing year, I continue to grow this organization in ways that I had not expected or dreamed of, with one core objective in mind: Helping Texas Authors get a much-needed boost in marketing their books!

That simple concept has led me down a path of trial and error, while teaching me new things about the publishing world and about myself. I have enjoyed this growth and the road I am now on. But I am also met with one truth that, at times, truly boggles my mind. With all of the programs, articles and events that we have available to our membership, why is it members do not fully use them?

TxAuthors has become a one stop location for everything marketing, designed to save authors time and energy in determining what works and what does not work. I have spent countless hours and lots of money testing various programs to determine their value and worth for the membership. I do this with the hope of saving the membership time and money. Yet, many members choose not to use what is available. This simply blows my mind.

I am constantly reminded of how busy ALL of us are, and that we simply over look things, or add them to our to-do list, which is constantly growing. Then that item, as does many others, gets buried under the weight of everything else. So to help you, I have chosen to repeat some important facts on a regular basis in the hope that it does resonate with you and you begin take full advantage of what we have for you.

I want each member to succeed! That is my driving force and why I am available to the membership 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. While I cannot make your book a best seller, I can give guidance and offer programs and events to help YOU achieve that goal, and I truly do love helping you do that.

Over the next year, as with the past few years, I will be looking to expand our outreach beyond the state lines of Texas, both physically and electronically, in order for you to have greater opportunities to sell your book. I am always open to new ideas, or old ideas that need a new perspective. Thus, I encourage you to share with me, ideas and thoughts so I can determine if, and how, we can utilize them.

Finally, as it is becoming clearer and clearer over these past couple of years, DO NOT put all your books into one basket! The publishing world, as is the book purchasing world, is constantly in flux and if you count on one company to sell your books, then you lose out on other opportunities. Many companies want a piece of the Amazon pie and they’re becoming more creative and aggressive in getting a market share. While it appears Amazon is the king of the hill, and has been for many years, their continued desire to become King of the World leaves gaps in their growth that will cause them to falter and lose business. I sincerely hope that when that happens, you will not be stuck on a sinking ship.

Teamwork is what we are about. Helping YOU grow and become successful is our desire. Use what we offer so you can become a successful author and one day, retire on your royalties.

Thank you for being a part of Texas Authors as I raise my glass to honor and cheer you. On to many more years of success!


Texas Authors, Inc. is an organization designed to help Texas Authors learn how to better market and sell their books.

We work closely with our partners DEAR Texas, Inc., and Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., both nonprofits that have created additional programs and events for Authors.

Texas Authors is a subsidiary of Bourgeois Media & Consulting