Did you know that TxAuthors has over 100 videos on YouTube? Most of them are about a minute long and are designed for people to learn more about YOU the author. We ask a simple question: Why Do You Write? The answers are much the same, but the objective to these videos is simple. It is one more way for you to get posted on a search engine, which gives you the advantage over other Authors.

While we may not be able to take the video for you, you can still take advantage of this opportunity and have someone record you on your phone answering the question. Send us the video and we will edit it for you, adding covers of your book to it as well. We will then place it on our channel for you to share with the world.

These videos can also be of help if you are attending one of our book festivals this year. We will connect your web page on the book festival you are attending to the video, and any other videos that you may have. This give people who may attend, or cannot attend an opportunity to learn about you and your books.

If you need any guidance on the video, or just want to see what we have done, go to this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70H7orRlsz4xszIyKwfWqw Take a look at some of the ones done and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about how to do them.


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