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Net Neutrality is a political hot button that is used to divided our nation even further. While we don’t want to get into the Republican vs Democrats points, what is critical is that this issue can cause Indie Authors, and even small press Authors to lose valuable sales.

With internet providers now being able to charge both the providers of content as well as those who receive the content, this gives them the ability to manipulate what you see. Not only is this a free Speech issue, but it also relates to if and how an Authors website is viewed. The providers can charge each individual website an extra fee to be able to be delivered to homes at the normal speed, and if you don’t pay, then you get downgraded to a slower speed, which let’s face it, this means the person downloading an authors site will give up waiting for it and move on. That means YOU LOSE!

In addition, the provider can charge more for a site to speed through their system and be delivered quickly and effortlessly. This, then gets passed on to the users of that system, such as Amazon sellers. More cuts into the profit margin of Authors and sellers.

This is BAD for everyone with higher costs to promote their products, means higher cost to purchase their products. Net neutrality from our perspective as small businesses is bad for everyone: Buyers and Sellers.

Publishers Weekly encouraging publishers to step up and fight the change that was implemented by the FCC last month. We encourage you as small businesses to step up and let your Congressmen know how it will affect you.

Below is an article that appeared in Publishers Weekly encouraging publishers to step up and fight the change that was implemented by the FCC last month. We encourage you as small businesses to step up and let your Congressmen know how it will affect you.

It’s Time for Publishers to Join the Fight for Net Neutrality

by Publishers Weekly | Jan 19, 2018

Supporters of net neutrality marked two important developments in recent days. On Tuesday, January 16, it was revealed that 50 senators have now committed to a bill that would block the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) December repeal of net neutrality rules. In addition, as the New York Times reported, more than 20 states have now begun a battle in the courts to block the FCC’s repeal.

Codified by the FCC in 2015, net neutrality rules were created to keep Internet service providers from favoring certain websites or content over others. But, as the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Corynne McSherry explains, the FCC’s repeal last month now paves the way “for an Internet that works more like cable television;” a “pay-for-play” system where content providers could be forced to “negotiate with multiple ISPs to avoid their content being buried, degraded, or even blocked.”

Polls and public comments show the move to repeal net neutrality is broadly unpopular. It is also potentially dangerous. In comments to the FCC, a coalition of the nation’s top library associations stressed that preserving an open Internet is “essential to our nation’s freedom of speech.” And, in a letter to the FCC, 1,838 members of the Authors Guild demonstrated that American authors also unequivocally recognize the danger of the FCC’s action.

“As authors, we rely on the Internet to make our voices heard,” the guild letter states, concluding that the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality protections “will harm the free speech of American writers.”

But a key voice remains noticeably absent from the net neutrality debate: publishers. Despite widely expressed concerns that the FCC’s action could negatively impact free speech, and in contrast to concerted efforts to preserve net neutrality by others in the publishing ecosystem—including the library community, authors groups, and dozens of media and public advocacy organizations, including PEN America—the Association of American Publishers has yet to release a single statement on the issue and has taken no formal position.

We recognize that publishers and the AAP have limited resources and must prioritize the issues they choose to take on. However, supporting free speech is one of the AAP’s core policy areas. Which is why publishers can no longer sit this one out.

Following the FCC’s repeal, restoring net neutrality protections is going to be an uphill political battle. But it is not too late for publishers to stand up for free speech, and to stand with their readers, their authors, and the library community.

With the battle headed to Congress, now is the time to make that stand. AAP president and CEO Maria Pallante is widely known for her policy acumen and her relationships in Congress. And as widely recognized champions of free speech, a strong, unified statement from America’s book publishers can make a critical difference.


There is no doubt that the world has gone crazy with Social Media. It can be a great tool that supports people, businesses, and even authors, but it also has the power to hurt. A challenging aspect of Social Media is when authors tell the world about something doesn’t work for them and then determines that it will not work for others. This kind of dialogue can not only damage a fellow author but set a negative tone against the author who wrote it.

We run into this issue a great deal when we send out notices about a program or app that we’ve tried and does or doesn’t work for us. We do this only after testing it thoroughly. And as with anything, the results that we arrived at, may or may not work for someone else.

However, this is where reviews of products come in handy, and we encourage YOU the membership, to share your comments about a program, event, etc. and let other authors know what YOUR results are. Your honest review can help another author determine if that program, event, company, or app will work for them.

We also read and follow various journals and programs to stay on top of new trends to help guide the membership, so they can use Social Media to the best of their ability.

There is a move to become less engaged in Social Media with Facebook and Twitter being the ones hit the hardest, as they have been around the longest. Also, they are the ones that have the most users compared to the other 300 plus systems out there.

One of our goals as TxAuthors is to create a Social Media system designed specifically for authors and readers as a part of our overall program to be more creative, independent and supportive of authors in general. However, this is also a costly endeavor that may not happen soon enough.

Keep in mind that people are drawn to what they like, including what type of books they read. For this reason, what may work for one author may not work for another. So, just be careful when you are on Social Media and make a blanket comment about whether something is good or not as the ‘final and only’ go-to factor. Remember, you are unique, and your results are related to You and not someone else.

For 2017, our motto for the year was TEAMWORK! “Texas Experts helping Authors with Marketing their Words and Offering Responsible Know-how.” We worked hard to create programs that benefit Texas authors on multiple levels. Many of the events were successful, while a couple did not meet our anticipated goals. What we learned, as an organization, is that Texas authors need and want support in marketing their books. And, with the ever-increasing number of authors and advanced technology, the need is even greater and continuing to grow.

Your Success and Growth as published Texas Authors has always been at the forefront of Alan’s goals and desires…much more than his success on a personal level. However, he knows that while a few authors have seen great growth in sales, many more are just now starting to realize the value of Texas Authors, Inc. and that by using the tools, programs, and events they have potential to increase their success. There is still a great deal of work ahead for everyone. Therefore, Texas Authors, Inc. has determined that 2018 is the Year for Success and Growth!

How will Texas Authors, Inc., work towards this affirmation and goal? Simple. By continuing to listen to the membership and create programs and events designed to help each author who uses them, to succeed. Last year we produced four book festivals across the state. This year, we have seven currently scheduled across the state. These will help authors discover new readers for their books and give them new ways to reach out to them over the year. Our Book Festival Network (http://BookFestival.Network) has already been recognized as a new way to produce Book Festivals, from organizations outside the State of Texas.

Our Authors Marketing Event & Campus (http://Campus.Authors.Marketing) offer a variety of ways for Texas authors to learn more about marketing and selling their books. Our third annual event already has a great lineup of presenters, with more to come. This cost-effective event brings authors together from across the state to learn from the professionals and to share with each other what works and doesn’t work for them. If you can’t physically attend the annual event, the AME campus offers opportunities for authors to learn at home from the recorded video presentations of the presenters. It simply offers another great cost-effective way to grow. We are the only organization in the world that certifies authors in Marketing, another first among a long list of firsts that other organizations are now copying and using.

Texas Authors Point System (TAPS) started in the middle of last year, and shortly the membership will have access to the accrued points they earned from book sales, donations, membership dues and every other way they spent money in any of our three nonprofits. TAPS is yet another great way to save money and increase your strength!

Introducing new ways to reach out to Texans through an Authors in the Park event on April 28 has already received accolades from a variety of cities praising the concept and the fun that will be created by introducing authors to local residents, and encouraging more reading.

Those who have been members of Texas Authors, have seen Alan work tirelessly in creating new avenues and refining old ways that benefit the Membership and help them to succeed. There is no doubt, in 2018, Alan will once again think of new and creative ways for you to Succeed & Grow in your chosen career as a published author.

But, none of this can happen without a strong membership. We need dedicated members to help us grow so we can continue help authors succeed http://txauthors.com/index.php/join-us. Our goal is to have 840 members by the end of March. We currently have 350 members. That’s a lot of work, but by bringing new members to the program, we can be more successful in our goals which then helps you to be successful! This is TEAMWORK and six years of experience has proven it WORKS!

Your comments and suggestions are always encouraged. But, please know that without new members, Alan’s ability to accomplish the goals for this year is diminished. He desperately needs office staff to continue growth. Increasing our membership is one way to make this happen. Spread the word, earn TAPS credits for referrals and make this year, the year for Success & Growth for Texans on many levels.



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