Application for Membership


Membership in the Texas Association of Authors and its parent for-profit organization Texas Authors, is open to any person living in or born in the state of Texas and/or considers themselves a ‘Texan’ by heart.

This is an application for membership to Texas Association of Authors operated by Texas Authors, Inc. (hereby known as TXAUTHORS), a for-profit organization Membership to TXAUTHORS is valid for one (1) year beginning the date the application is received and continuing for one year. Payment Assistance: TXAUTHORS will be glad to assist in a payment plan for membership. 

Additional membership benefits will continue to be added to your membership as the organization continues to grow. It is your responsibility to give TXAUTHORS up to date contact information in order to keep the line of communication open.

New Membership fee is $150, Renewal Membership fee is $100: Along with payment as listed below, the Author will submit the following items to TXAUTHORS via email to be used for TXAUTHORS’s web site and other marketing avenues. If any of the information can be found on a web site, simply email or write on this application the web address we may pull the information from, otherwise, please eMail the requested information to: If you fill this form out on line, please save it to your hard drive, then print out a copy to mail directly to us with your signature. A copy of the completed form should be mailed with payment and books.

1 – A photo of the Author (300 dpi jpg is preferred)

2 – A 150-250 word bio of the Author

3 – A picture of the book(s) cover from the Author (300 dpi jpg is preferred)

4 – A 100-200 word description of the book written by Author (or pictures from the book if a children’s or art book)

5 – An electronic word document version of one chapter from the book the Author would like to use as a sample chapter on the web site. Please DO NOT send a PDF file.

6 - An electronic version of one chapter from the book the Author would like to use as a sample chapter included in the TXAUTHORS eBook and printed book distributed for marketing purposes.


Marketing of Author and their book(s)

To help advertise and promote a TXAUTHOR member, the author will give TXAUTHORS three (3) books. They will be used in the following way: one (1) will be used for sales and promotion at events. When the one book is sold, TXAUTHORS will order a new copy from their distributor of their choice. Upon the termination of the membership, the member will receive a copy of their book back, or payment will be made by TXAUTHORS for the one copy.

Two (2) books will donated to TXAUTHORS so that they may promote the organization and or the author as they so choose. The author will receive a donation letter from TXAUTHORS for the retail value of the two book(s).

Web Sales:

As a member of the Texas Association of Authors, your books may be available for sale through a separately owned company doing business as: Texas Book Store, hereby known as TBS. TBS may operate in a physical store location and or a retail web site. TBS will contact you directly to arrange consignment of your book(s). As a member of TXAUTHORS, all related set up fees will be waived. Any additional services or programs related to TBS store, will be processed and handled directly through them.

The Texas Association of Authors objective is to provide opportunities to help market a member’s book to the general public, while emphasis will be placed in the Texas market, TXAUTHORS may at their choosing select other locations to market TXAUTHORS members and their books. This may be accomplished through book events and other avenues of marketing and sales designated by TXAUTHORS. There is no guarantee that any Author will sell their book through any of these events or programs. Other educational events will be created as the desire and need is demonstrated by the TXAUTHORS membership.

The author is required to follow @TexasAuthors on the social media network Twitter, and encouraged to follow TXAUTHORS on all other social media networks when possible. Furthermore, the author should adjust their given email account so that emails from TXAUTHORS may be received properly.

Please complete all information on the following pages and submit with your book(s) and marketing materials as outlined above via email or postal mail.

NOTE: If this is a Membership Renewal and we have your correct information, you DO NOT need to complete the information below.


Texas Authors, Inc. is an organization designed to help Texas Authors learn how to better market and sell their books.

We work closely with our partners DEAR Texas, Inc., and Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., both nonprofits that have created additional programs and events for Authors.

Texas Authors is a subsidiary of Bourgeois Media & Consulting